quiet storm

Quiet Storm is a music micro-genre which was pioneered in the mid 1970s by Melvin Lindsey, while he was an intern at the Washington, D.C. radio station WHUR 96.3 FM. 
The overall design aesthetic for this project focuses on the idea of Quiet Storm first starting out as a radio format in the 70s, combined with a disco, soul, night time theme throughout. The night time aesthetic relates to the fact that Quiet Storm was, at the time, tailor-made for late-night listening. The J-Card and flag designs focus heavily on the theme of roller discos, which took place at night, through the use of colour, composition and specific relating imagery. 
The badges follow a collaged 70s/80s aesthetic, taking inspiration from artists that were regularly played on the radio show. Each element communicates a retro 70s theme.